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Fluval venezia 190 ltre corner fish tank with full set up

Fish tank- fluval venezia 190l corner

fluval venezia corner fish tank with external fluval 206 filter with working lights and stand rrp £600, yours for £180, very good condition...

United Kingdom

£ 180

Fluval venezia 190 corner aquarium brand new in box

For sale - venezia 190 corner aquarium in oak, brand new in box never been used...was brought to set up a second tank but we have decided not to is it now...the tank cost me £600 and come complete with...

United Kingdom

£ 400

Corner fish tank

fluval 190 lt corner fish tank complete with internal fluval filter, pump, heater, rocks and gravel built in lights, stand with two cupboards...

United Kingdom

£ 220

Fluval corner fish tank

fluval venezia 350 corner aquarium set tank...really nice mature tank...includes heater, large external pump: livestock including: talking catfish bowfin snake head numerous frilled plecs red fin black...

South Yorkshire (England)

£ 400

Fluval venezia 190l corner fish tank with matching cabinet

fluval venezia 190l corner fish tank with matching cabinet,comes with everything you need for set up,,fluval 205 external filter and ornaments and everything you see at photos,,original light unite is...

Manchester (England)

£ 175

Qua one 170 ltre corner fish tank

Aqua one 170 ltre corner fish tank with matching cabinet in ash black 12 months old as new large external filter twin t5 light built in hood 200 watt heater ornates plants gravel etc this is a full setup...

United Kingdom

£ 170

Large fish tank - fluval venezia 190 aquarium and cabinet

fish tank is the fluval vicenza 190 which is 190 litres or gallons...full instructions's a curved glass but this measurement is the width if in a corner...many accessories including 3 buckets...

Hertfordshire (England)

£ 300

Fluval corner fish tank with cabinet

fluval corner fish tank for sale complete with cabinet-external fluval filter-heater-lighting which can be preset-extra flow pump for more circulation- plus fluval hand book...

Lancashire (England)

£ 350

Fish tank fluval roma 260

full set up fish tank for sale including fish 22 small discus giant flora 70 neon external filter fluval 306 heater...

Angus (Scotland)

£ 500

Fluval 3.5ft fish tank

200 durrington fluval 200litre fish tank and cabinet includes fluval 405 filter, tetra air pump,heater and other bits and bobs full set up...

United Kingdom

£ 200

Fluval 190l corner fish tank

fluval 190l corner tropical fish tank in beech with chocolate coloured doors...selling this tank complete with all accessories and fish...this whole set up is very heavy...there are various rainbows, siamese...

United Kingdom

£ 300

Fluval fish tank

3ft fluval tank set up including external fluval 205 filter,gravel,air pump ornaments ect...

United Kingdom

£ 130

Black jewel 190 corner fish tank still under warranty in exeter

Jewel 190 corner fish tank with the original jewel filter,but taken out of the tank & using a fluval 206 filter lots of extras comes with fish which are 4 yellow labs,malawi cichlids & 6 different malawi...

United Kingdom

£ 350

Fluval roma 4ft fishtank,cabinet & fish

fluval 4ft fish tank, complete set up for tropical with fish included (over £200 worth)...the tank is in excellent condition...

Cumbria (England)

£ 200

Ffluval corner aquarium in harrogate

fluval venezia 190l corner aquarium t5 light unit external aquaone filter heater tank in very good condition viewing welcome...

United Kingdom

£ 200